Privacy and Confidentiality Section Goals for 2019-2020
This is a survey created by the Privacy and Confidentiality Section to learn about what you'd like us to accomplish this year and going forward as a section. All of the questions are optional, but we appreciate your feedback for as many of these questions as possible. Please share your thoughts and ideas!

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Bibliography draft (please feel free to comment in suggested resources!):

P & C wordpress blog:

SAA microsite:

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Privacy & Confidentiality Award draft:

P & C brainstorming google doc:
Would you like to us to...
Section(s) to collaborate with (see list of sections at )
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Should copyright/intellectual property be added to the scope of this section? There's currently an appointed group, but no official membership forum for this topic. (If there's interest, it would need to be approved by member vote and Council)
If Intellectual Property/Copyright became part of the section scope, what name would you like the section to be called?
Should the Privacy & Confidentiality Section consider broadening it scope in other ways? If so, how?
How would you like the section to utilize our seed money? Info on section funding guidelines:
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Our wordpress blog is seeking a snazzier name and range of content. Please select (or contribute) any names/content ideas you'd like to see
If you would like to help us in these projects or be featured in blogs/case studies, please give us your name, contact info, and brief statement on how you'd like to collaborate with us
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Additional ideas/comments/feedback
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