Parish Day Science & Art Kits - January Kits

Kits will be dropped off at Parish Day for staff to delivery to you at carpool.

Using the scientific method can become a habit at an early age. Encouraging a desire to find answers, come up with questions, and predict outcomes will be our focus as we conduct experiments each week. It's easy to see how Rock-It Science will be a fun hands on class but did you know it will help in the development of fine motor, language, math, and thinking skills?

Art , like science, also requires experimenting and exploring. Unlike science we do have some amount of an outcome in mind and we have a final product to display with pride! Most importantly it provides a creative outlet for children to express their creative side!

January Kits will be delivered as you order for staff to deliver to you at Car Pool. I am offering Science and Art Kits. You may choose just the four sciences or the four arts or both. 
Let's get inspired by the Cold Days of Winter!!
Art Kits will include :
1. Snow Blizzard Art
2. Penguin Art
3. Polar Bear Art
4. Snowy Owl Art

Science Kits will include:
1. Fake Snow Snow-person Lab
2. Snowy Test Tubes Lab
3. Penguin Science Lab
4. Snow Slime Lab

Science Kits- $60.00
Art Kits- $60.00
Both Kits- $120.00
Venmo, Paypal, or check payment options
Thanks for your support as we conduct labs in this new way!

*Payment can be dropped off at the school office or mailed to Tammy Kauffman 1054 Old Dam Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Checks payable to BBB. Paypal & Venmo Available upon registration.

*Sorry, no refunds.
* A fee of $20.00 will be charged for returned checks.
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