Application - San Diego Tiki Oasis Marketplace
Thanks for your interest in the TIKI OASIS Marketplace.  

Marketplace Dates:: August 5th - August 7th, 2022
Location: Town and Country, San Diego

Tiki Oasis to provide:
* Casey and Thomas as the Marketplace Managers!
* Audience and Local advertising
* Website and Social Media Hype

Size of Vending Area: 10x10

Q: How many vendors will be part of the marketplace?
A. We will have approx 150 vendors overall

Q: How will you choose the vendors for the marketplace?
A: We are looking for a mix of vendors from artists, crafters to mid-century collectables including fashion, furniture and art. Overall we interested in vendors that take time and care with their vendor set-up that will allow for our marketplace to feel unique and distinctively 'Tiki Oasis'.

Q: Do returning vendors get priority?
A: Yes, they do. All new vendors are put on a waitlist until we know what types of vending spaces are open and we are able to fill. Returning vendors must apply by March 30th and have until May 15th to pay for their booth. This is a FIRM deadline.

Q: Will all vending take place indoors?
A: YES! All vending will take place indoors in one large conference center.

Q: I do not see vending in car show or lanai suites or outdoor vending. What's up with that!?
A: We no longer offer those vending options.

Q: When is load in?
A: Thursday August 4th, 12noon-6pm and Friday August 5th 10am-3pm. We have an improved load-in and load-out plan this year that we will share as the event gets closer.

Q: When is the Marketplace Open for shopping
A: 3pm-8pm - Friday (for ticket holders only! This will be enforced.), 10am-4pm - Saturday and Sunday (Open to the public)

Q: Is Parking Included.
A: Parking is not included. The location is a hotel with limited daily parking. Note that the hotel does not have parking for large/tall or oversized vehicles and you will need to park off-site. If enough vendors are interested Tiki Oasis will arrange off-site parking. Payment will be collected in advance and will be non-refundable.

Q: Does Vending include a table/chair?
A: No, vending doesn't automatically include a table and chair. You can rent these items from us for an additional fee.

Q: Does Vending include electricity?
A: There will be a central place to plug in your devices but if you need direct electricity in your vending booth you will most likely want to order an electricity package from the hotel 3rd party vendor.

Q: What is the pricing for being part of TIKI OASIS?
$525 -  10x10 vendor includes one business name and link on website, opportunity to post once to Tiki Oasis Facebook Group ONCE as an official vendor. Includes two (2) Tiki Oasis Thursday-Sunday passes!

$720 - 10x10 SHARED vendor includes two* business names and links on website, opportunity for each vendor names to post once to Facebook Group/Tiki Oasis Social Media. We are asking that shared vendors each sign the contract but we would like one point of payment. Includes three (3) Tiki Oasis Thursday-Sunday passes   * we only allow 2 vendors to share a booth.

$1500 - Premium Marketplace Sponsorship. Includes: 10x10, Prime vending location, Opportunity to contribute to Mx Tiki Oasis prize package • Logo & link featured at top of Marketplace page on website • Highlight post on Insta Stories • 1/2 page ad in program • Logo featured in event app

Applications Due March 30th (Returning) April 30th (New) BUT we will continue taking applications until our marketplace fills up!

Payment due May 15th, 2022 for returning vendors. New vendors payment due June 1st, 2022

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