GTCYS 2018-19 Student Volunteer Opportunities
Check the boxes below with the activities that interest you. Checking boxes does not obligate you - GTCYS will follow up with you and share more details during the season. Email us at with questions.
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Are you interested in Chamber music performance opportunities this season?
Chamber Performer details:
If you are part of a Chamber Group, please describe the group here. Please list the instrumentation of your group, the names of the other members, and whether or not they are also GTCYS members. Thank you!
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Are you interested in researching a piece your orchestra is working on and share it with audiences at concerts?
Are you interested in volunteering at GTCYS Auditions?
Greet and check-in students at auditions and take directory photos (spring, August, or December).
Would you like to be a social coordinator?
Welcome students at first rehearsals, help with new-student orientation, and plan your orchestra’s social activities.
Would you like to be a Donor/Volunteer Recognition Assistant?
Write thank you letters and/or make thank you calls to donors and volunteers.
Would you like to be a library aide?
Assist GTCYS' Librarian with music preparation and filing in the office (copying, cleaning, counting out parts, etc.).
Special skills: Do you have any special skills that you'd like to use in GTCYS?
For example, let us know if you speak/write a second language, if you have the skills to make videos, if you're an artist/graphic designer and you'd like to share your talents at GTCYS, or if there's anything else about you that you'd like us to know.
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Other Opportunities you are interested in? List them below.
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