Stamford Innovation Week 2020 Planning Interview
Thank you for participating in this important exercise. Your thoughts, insights, comments, and feedback will be extremely influential in planning our events and experiences. The form takes about 10 minutes to complete. You information will be generalized and used to inform the personas and archetypes we use in strategic and marketing planning.

The information you share here is used to create generic reports and persona profiles. These help us create content that is meaningful, impactful, and useful to YOU.
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If you were hiring someone to replace you and had to write a job description of what's actually required, what would it say? What are the ideal skills for your job? Where did you learn these skills? Did you learn them on the job, at a previous job, or by taking a course?
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What events did you attend in 2018? 2019? How did you find the networking and social aspects? How about the content and speaker quality?
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What changes would you make if you had a magic wand?
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If you go to our website right now, we'll know ;)
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