CMS Education Foundation Hall of Honor - Nomination Form - 2023-24
The purpose of the Purple Pride Hall of Honor Awards program is to recognize former graduates of Clovis High School who have demonstrated exceptional success, outstanding achievement in their fields, extraordinary strength(s) of character, and citizenship. We not only seek to honor and celebrate their successes, but share the same to serve as models for inspiring and challenging today's students. The CMS Education Foundation Alumni Committee has established the highest standards in evaluating and determining these awards.

CMS Education Foundation Alumni Committee - The CMS EF Alumni Committee is a standing committee of the foundation, tasked with conferring the annual Purple Pride Hall of Honor Awards.

Nominating Procedure -

- Any person may submit a nomination application for a CHS graduate from any year who has truly excelled in their field, for consideration by the Alumni Committee. The individual nominated can be a family member or someone directly known or unknown to the person submitting the nomination.

- Nominations will be accepted between November 6, 2023 and February 1, 2024. Official recognition will be be made at an annual awards event at the end of the fiscal year (end of May or early June, 2024), and an awardee portrait plaque will be installed in the Clovis High School Hall of Honor display.

Eligibility for Awards -

The Hall of Honor Award is open to any alum who graduated from Clovis High School (New Mexico) and is at least thirty (30) years of age at the time of nomination. Awards for alumni will be given for achievement in various professional fields, including, but not limited to, the arts, athletics, business, education, entertainment, law, medicine, military, music, philanthropy, government, public service, religion, scholarship, and science. Please note: a Hall of Honor recipient has not just risen through the ranks to an excellent job or leadership position; this is for those individuals who have advanced far above and beyond in their field, who have demonstrated exceptional character, standards of excellence, success, and achievement far exceeding the norm.

An additional category for nomination is the TOP CAT Award, an award for those individuals who are not necessarily graduates of Clovis High School, but who have supported the Clovis Municipal Schools above and beyond the norm, exhibiting the same character traits of excellence. Awards may also be given posthumously, and in such instances, there shall be no age requirement.


Fill in this form as completely and thoroughly as possible. You'll likely need to enlist the aid of the nominee him/herself and/or the nominee's family members with access to specifics. You may add as much information as you need to complete the application; also, Include any online links featuring your nominee, such as, individuals' websites, online articles, publicity, etc.

When completed, submit the application online; you can edit your online application at any time up until the final deadline (February 1, 2024), even after submitting online. Alternatively, you are welcome to print out your online application and turn in to the receptionist at the Clovis Schools administration office, the G. C. Ross Building, formerly Central Office, at 1009 Main Street in Clovis. OR...mail it in to:  CMS Education Foundation / Attn: Alumni Committee / P. O. Box 19000 / Clovis, NM  88101

If you have any questions, please call Cynthia Kleyn-Kennedy, Executive Director of the CMS Education Foundation at

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