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Thank you for your interest in Application Renovation. This series has been a valuable addition to Meded Media and helping premeds through their journey.
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I agree that, if selected for the Application Renovation, the file I'm uploading can be used in video and/or repurposed as Meded Media needs. I agree that the file that I'm submitted is redacted with the personal information I don't want to be shown. *
I hereby grant Ryan Gray and Meded Media the unlimited right to publish or otherwise use the material submitted and recorded in any and all media, throughout the world, in perpetuity. I understand and acknowledge that I shall not be entitled to any compensation or attribution for the use of this material. *
I understand that I need to email my AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS application PDF (please make sure you have a copy that includes the GPA calculations in the PDF), and a secondary essay to one of the schools you applied to and didn't get an interview to I understand that I need to redact the personal information I don't want to be shown. *
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