DTE Rubiks Cube Club March. 2018 Registration
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Contact Us: info@dte.leeyee.us
Tel: (650) 492-8983
Address: 1260 s abel st, milpitas ( its on the second floor)

Class information/schedule: http://dte.leeyee.us/

Come and join us at the all new DTE Rubik’s Cube club!
For a Three by Three, Can you do it in 5 seconds?
Learn and play with your fellow cubers starting from the beginner’s method all the way to the CFOP to to become a speed cuber!

3x3x3 CUBE record holder
Lucas Etter (USA) River Hill Fall 2015 4.90!
Mats Valk (Netherlands) Jawa Timur Open 2016 4.74!
Feliks Zemdegs (Australia) POPS Open, Melbourne 2016 4.73!
Patrick Ponce (USA) Rally in the Valley 2017 4.69!

Welcome to this month Rubiks Cube Club meeting!
Date: 3/17/2017
Time: 5-6:00 PM
Cost: For each kid:
1. Prepay with paypal by Friday midnight: $10 (new kids) or $5 (previous club attendees)
2. Onsite: $12 (new kids) or $7 (previous club attendees)
3. No charge for adults
Bring: Please bring your own CUBE! We also have various interesting cubes for you to explore!
Age: Any age who wanted to have some fun with cubes!

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We accept Cash, Check and Paypal. Please make your check payable to "LeeYee Inc". Paypal: Accounts@leeyee.us
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