Hardcore Alchemy 0.5 Interest Check
Are you interested in potentially influencing the direction of Hardcore Alchemy? Look no further! With 0.4 still on the horizon, I still need to think about the longer-term vision of the pack, hence why I'm starting to think about 0.5.

As development time is hard to predict, and I have to think very carefully on what's the best direction for the pack, I can't guarantee that any particular feature will be implemented. However, if there are enough responses, this poll will be strongly considered when planning the next stage of development.
What potential gameplay features do you think would be interesting to see in the Hardcore Alchemy 0.5 release? (These descriptions are open to your personal interpretation)
Not very interesting
Somewhat interesting
Very interesting
Elemental resistances
Morphing tech tree
Body temperature
Spooky mobs
Environmental hazards
Better transmutation
More dangerous Nether
Religion with consequences
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