The Trendy Lounge is a natural hair and female only bauty salon and development space. We are located at 20, Alafia Street, Speed White House, Mokola, Ibadan.
Our objective is to provide a decent, comfortable and privacy guaranteed space for females to make their hair, pamper themselves, shop, learn and network with one another.
This survey is aimed to improve on our service as well as to understand body care needs of muslim females.
1. Have you been to The Trendy Lounge?
2. If No, what do you know or think about The Trendy Lounge?
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3. Do you think muslim ladies need a salon specifically designed to meet their beauty needs?
4. How frequently do you or your muslim female relatives visit a salon?
5. Do you prefer to visit a privacy guaranteed salon to make your hair or home service?
6. What will make you to visit a place like The Trendy Lounge where men are not allowed into the salon area?
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7. Is distance a barrier to visiting The Trendy Lounge? Where is your Location?
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8. How much can you pay for such service?
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9. Beyond Hair styling and henna, what other services will you want to enjoy at the Lounge?
10. If you have you used any of our services, on a scale of 1-10, how will you rate the service?
Not so good
Very Impressed
11. Give us general feedback and observation.
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