Help a Reporter: Flying with a disability
Hi, all. I'm Jayme Fraser, a national reporter for USA Today and hundreds of local newspapers across the country. I'm reporting on the Air Carrier Access Act and ways to make flying more accessible. To do that, I want to talk with as many people as possible about their experiences, including travelers and airport workers.

If you use a wheelchair or other mobility aid, please fill out this survey instead:

No personal information provided on this form will be published without your permission. We might publish aggregated counts of how people answered multiple choice questions, but we will not publish written answers without asking you first.

If you feel like this survey missed something important, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Jayme Fraser
Desk phone: 941.361.4923
Call/text/encrypted Signal via my cell: 541.362.1393
How many times have you flown in the last five years?
In the last five years, did you file a Special Services Request or otherwise make a request for accommodation from the airline? If so, please describe what services you requested and your general experience making that request.
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If you make any special preparations before you travel, please describe them. (Packing, making a list of Durable Medical Equipment suppliers, getting paperwork from your doctor for a guide animal, etc.)
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Walk me through a problem-free day at the airport for you. How do you get from curb to the plane seat and finally to your final destination?
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If you've experienced issues when flying, please describe one or two times. Help me understand what can go wrong and how that's affected you. Please note if you are describing something more than five years ago.
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Have you filed a complaint or report when you've had issues with air travel in the last five years? (Choose all that apply.)
What one piece of advice would you give other people traveling with a similar condition? (We want to publish a guide with your best tips.)
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What questions do you hope we answer in our future stories? Is there a particular issue we should look into?
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Are you willing to talk more with a reporter about your experiences?
If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?
If so, what state do you live in?
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Phone number
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