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Stat changes & New rares
Ability Points changes:
- STR: Now gives 10 white power every 40 points past 650.
- DEX: Now gives 1% accuracy every 10 points past 530.
- WIS: Now gives the equivalent of 12 Nature Vigor every 20 points past 500.
- ENDU: Now gives 1% physical damage reduction every 20 points.
- LUCK: No longer gives accuracy bonus.
- LUCK: Now gives 1% Basic Resist every 10 points.
- WS/PS: Now gives an additional 1% Mana/Divine recovery every 20 points past 200 points.

Rare Updates:
- Added a new rare type : Armor Penetration, replacing the Weary rare. This rare will pierce through the Hardest rares of the opponent.
- Added a new rare type : Spell Penetration, replacing Bear rare. This rare will pierce through the opponent's shield white AC.
- Added a new rare type : Concentration, replacing Mana rare. This rare will increase spell accuracy, countering Evasion rare.

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