Antrim County Natural Resource Assessment
This survey solicits valuable input on what residents view as their most important natural resource concerns. the information gathered through this survey will be used to direct Antrim Conservation District's future work-plan. Responses received by the last week in November will be considered in our annual strategic plan
What Township/s do you reside or own property?
How long have you lived/owned property in Antrim County?
Have you utilized the services of Antrim Conservation District in the past 5 years?
If YES, how did you learn of the Antrim Conservation District?
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Your answer
Please indicate the satisfaction level of your experience/s with Antrim Conservation District.
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How do you keep informed about news and information relating to our local natural resource matters?
How do you utilize natural resources (land, water, forest, etc.)?
Please Rank the following in terms of value to Antrim County
(1 being high to 5 being low)
Expansion of outdoor recreation opportunities to attract tourism
Increased environmental education opportunities for county students
Enhancement/conservation of fish and wildlife habitat
Protection of water quality through storm water management (residential/municipal)
Expansion of invasive species education and control
Please prioritize the following in terms of impact to Antrim County's natural resources in the next five years.
High Priority
Medium/High Priority
Medium Priority
Medium/Low Priority
Low Priority
No Opinion
Human Impact to the Natural Environment
Forest Preservation, Health and Management
Wetland Preservation and Restoration
Aquatic Species Habitat
Farmland Preservation
Wildlife and Habitat
Invasive Species (terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals)
Household Hazardous Waste Removal
Water Quality (threats to ground and surface water)
Soil Erosion, Sedimentation and Storm Water Control
Climate Change (carbon footprint, energy use, deforestation)
Agriculture Management (nutrient, pesticide and animal waste management)
Outdoor Education and Outreach
Septic System Maintenance
How interested would you be in attending field trips, informational workshops or presentations on the following topics?
Very Interested
Somewhat Interested
Not Interested
Native Plants
Local Watersheds
Natural Shorelines for Inland Lakes and Streams
Shoreline Stabilization
Identifying/controlling invasive species
Forest/Habitat Management
Timber Sales
On-farm Pollution Risk Reduction
Farm-to-table Events/Agritourism
Guided Hikes
Guided Canoe/Kayak Trips
Attracting Backyard Wildlife
Pollinator Plantings
Hunter Access Program
Ways to Reduce County-wide Energy Use
Please identify the areas you may wish to volunteer time/resources.
Antrim Conservation District's current grant projects focus on invasive species and forestry management assistance. Provide additional areas you's like to see the District focus on in the next five years and describe ways that Antrim Conservation District might address these concerns.
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