Vortex Coalition Base Application
Members of The Vortex Coalition can apply here to be assigned to a VoCo Base with other members, led by a Base Director
What is your Discord name and Tag? *
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What is your rank & how long have you been in VoCo? *
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Do you mainly play on 2b2t, or Constantiam? *
What is your Time Zone? *
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How active are you? *
How often are you online the server?
How geared are you? How far from spawn will you be able to travel? *
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Will you be able to supply building blocks? *
Either by bringing them to the base or gathering them at/near the base
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Age *
What will your contribution be at a VoCo base? *
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How long do you plan on staying at your assigned base? *
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Please list any VoCo Members who you would like to be based with.
Use this section if you and a friend or group of friends in VoCo want to be assigned to a base together.
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