Inspired Speaker Application
Every Inspired Luncheon is intentionally designed to connect, empower and celebrate working women. One way Inspired empowers working women is to elevate a woman to position of Inspired Speaker each month.

(Note - for special events we welcome male speakers, however; 90% of the the time we elevate women to speaker position intentionally.)

The Speaker works directly with Inspired Hostess for the Luncheon event. The Hostess is tasked with defining the theme of the Lunch and the Speaker delivers the talk around the chosen theme.

Each Speaker must complete and submit speaker application. The Speaker Committee reviews the application and then comes alongside the Speaker and Hostess, providing necessary guidance to ensure the luncheon blesses our tribe of working women who will be in attendance.

Any working woman may apply to be a Speaker regardless of current job role or position.

The goal of each lunch is to present relevant information to working women that will educate, inform, inspire and sometimes challenge our lunch attendees to grow personally and/or professionally. Speakers create their talk around the chosen theme of the lunch and are encouraged to speak on their areas of expertise. We encourage speakers to consider creative and, if possible, interactive luncheon talks. Speakers may focus their talk around topics including, but not limited to; business skills, marketing and branding, money, health and fitness, relationships, safety, community issues and even home and office improvement. We also enjoy success stories; hearing from a working woman who has overcome challenges to achieve the position they have today.

What we look for in a Speaker, and their talk, is:

A) A woman who empowers and inspires others.
B) Delivering an honest and authentic talk that resonates with working women.
C) Respect for Inspired as a faith based organization.
D) A well crafted and rehearsed presentation within a 25 min maximum time-frame (including Q&A if appropriate).

Each Speaker will be honored with marketing spotlights on website and on social media prior to event.

Inspired is a not for profit organization and in that, talks are not compensated. If appropriate the speaker is welcome to sell their books at event and may also offer a followup compensated training or workshop. (Connect directly with Speaker Committee for details.)

Career Building Tip: The role of speaker is one that will elevate and sharpen a working women's presentation skills and is a worthy addition to a resume.

We invite you to apply to be a upcoming Inspired Speaker (Schedule usually set 6 months or more in advance.). Any questions; email Application does not guarantee a speaker will be selected. Inspired Women Inc reserves the right or approve, delay or deny speaker applications.

Criteria for Accepting Speaker Applications:
When an application to speak is received, the Speaker Committee will consider the appropriateness of the talk and have a conversation with the speaker, prior to granting approval.

Speaker Application Review Considerations:

A) Does the speaker’s talk align and with Inspired’s goal of connecting, celebrating and empowering working women?
B) Would the talk appeal to, and be relevant for, the majority of women who attend the luncheon?
C) What professional and/or personal skills will be enhanced as a result of the talk.
D) Does the speaker and the topic respect Inspired as a faith based organization?
E) Is the speaker competent to deliver a 20 minute talk to our audience? (We do not require professional speakers, however, in respect for our audience, we need to have speakers who will relay their message effectively.)
F) Does the talk compliment the selected Theme for the Lunch?

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