Sash Style Questionnaire
Here's how you help me to help you!
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What is your favorite LuLaRoe style? If this is your first LuLaRoe purchase, tell me what is your favorite non-LuLaRoe clothing item to wear.
How would you describe your overall Personal Style? Check all that apply to you. *
Where will you be wearing your new outfit? *
Top Size in Non-LuLaRoe Clothing *
Pant size in Non-LuLaRoe Clothing *
Bust Size (this helps me to pick tops/dresses that will provide the best fit) *
Which of these body shapes best represents you? See the image for examples. *
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Is there a style of clothing you would never wear? i.e. skirts, pleated styles, long sleeves...
Most of the style options will have prints in either floral or abstract. I do occasionally get solid pieces but that is not guaranteed in all styles. Do you have a preference?
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Colors you avoid when purchasing clothing?
Favorite colors when purchasing clothing?
Is there anything else I should know that would help me choose pieces you will love?
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