Tech Request
Requests for any technology issues related to computers, programs, apps, IPads, printers, etc.
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Are you requesting tech supplies?
(speakers, iPad accessories, projector, boombox, etc.)
Name of person reporting problem *
What's the location of the problem? *
(Room 203, Office, Trailer 2)
What specific piece of equipment or program is having trouble? *
(doc camera, Promethean Board, Educreation on IPad #8, printer)
What is the model and serial number? *
Laptop model can be found on the bottom right of the screen (ex: L520). Laptop serial numbers can be found under the laptop (ex: L3-XXXXX). Desktop model and serial number is typically on the front below the CD drawer or on the side.
What's wrong? *
(printer jammed, desktop keeps restarting, doc camera is dark, etc.)
Have you saved your most recent work and restarted the equipment? *
Has this SAME problem happened before? *
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