Transportation Requests
Rides are intended to meet immediate needs of new guests and we would like to help you access local resources so you can receive continued transportation support during your Our Place stay and beyond. These resources include the senior taxi program, RTC Access, Lift, Uber, etc. Case managers are encouraged to develop sustainable transportation plans for each of our guests.
Contact Info for Guest *
Motel 6 on Victorian *
Address of Destination *
Roundtrip *
Date & Time *
24 hours or more notice are preferred, rides are first come first serve, and not guarantied. Rides are prioritized based off availability and need.
Purpose of ride *
Special accommodations needed for children, pets, or other supplementary resources.
Additional information for a smooth ride
(Favorite radio station?) please put the number of car seats if you need more than one and the size of any pet crates.
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