Gene Sculpt Suite Issue Tracking
Use this form to report bugs or request help when using Gene Sculpt Suite web tools. You can also request additional features here. If your issue is too complex for this form, please email us at
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We do not require you to tell us your email address to submit a bug. However, by providing your email address, we may be better able to solve your issue. (And if you need help with a web tool, we will not be able to provide you that help without an email.) We will NEVER use your email address EXCEPT to help us solve your Gene Sculpt Suite issue, and your email address will not be shared with anyone beyond our support team.
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Please give a SHORT (one sentence) description of your issue. (E.g., "GTagHD crashes when I submit a GenBank accession.", or "I want to be able to use UniProt sequences in MEDJED.")
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