Baseball Registration 2019
Please complete and fill out and submit to register your player for A League of Our Own Baseball for the 2019 Season. Games will tentatively start on March 2. More information and schedules will be available after registration. Deadline to register and guarantee an uniform is February 2. We will accept registrations after that date but the player will not be issued a uniform.

If you have any question, you can email Jay Borchard at You can also call Jay 256-239-9967 or contact us through Facebook-A League of Our Own-Oxford.
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In the event that the parent/guardian and/or the emergency contact listed above cannot be reached in an emergency, I authorize all medical and surgical treatment, X-Ray, laboratory test, anesthesia, and any other medical/hospital procedures deemed necessary by attending paramedic or physician may be performed. In said instance, I waive my right to be informed and consent to treatment for my child or ward. *
By typing my name below, I hereby give my permission for my child/ward to participate in all activities related to “A League of Our Own” events. I release all staff and volunteers of “A League of Our Own” and those of its participating sponsors, partners and organizers from any and all liability in the case of an accident of incident during said “A League of Our Own” events. *
Media Release I/We understand that there will be media and promotional coverage of A League of Our Own games and activities and I/We give our consent to publish my/our child’s name and picture for such purposes. I hereby grant A League of Our Own, its affiliates, franchises, advertising and promotional agencies, and their agents, the irrevocable, unrestricted right to use, publish, display and distribute materials bearing my name, voice, likeness or any other identifiable representation of myself, my family members, including my A League of Our Own player/child. These materials may appear in any form, style, color or medium whatsoever (including, without limitation, photographs, video tapes, films, sound recordings, software, drawings, prints, broadcast, internet and electronic media). I agree that all material containing identifiable representation of me (including without limitation, all negatives, plates and masters of my photographs, files, prints or tapes) shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of A League of Our Own from any and all liability and damages relating to my name, voice, likeness or any identifiable representation of me. I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect or approve the finished materials or any part of element thereof that incorporates my name, voice, likeness or any other identifiable representation of myself, my family, including my A League of Our Own player/child. I have agreed to the above in consideration of the opportunity give to me by A League of Our Own to appear in these materials
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