Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums Directory Short Survey
Thank you for contributing to the American Indian Library Association (AILA)'s directory of tribal libraries, archives, and museums. This survey will collect preliminary data about tribal libraries, archives, and museums in order to create a centralized, online directory. In addition to institutional information, this survey aims to provide a platform to amplify tribal knowledge and history as selected by the institutions themselves.

Examples of information suggested for the directory include:
--basic contact and location information
--leadership oral histories
--institutional timelines and founding documents
--local programs and festivals of note

Note: This directory is the project for the 2018 American Library Association Emerging Leaders program including team members: Rhiannon Sorrell, Aisha Conner-Gaten, Garrison Libby, Netanel Ganin, and Jessica Colbert. Project oversight provided by AILA members Lillian Chavez and Naomi Bishop.

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Informed Consent Agreement
You have been asked to participate in a survey which is designed to create an online directory of U.S. tribal libraries, archives, and museums. This survey should take approximately 10 minutes.

1) I understand that by completing the survey, I am providing the latest information about my institution to the best of my knowledge. I have been given permission to share the information included in this form.

2) I understand that no information that identifies me personally will be released. I may be contacted in the future to clarify any information submitted on this form.

3) I understand that I can withdraw my consent for participation at any time and can contact the directory project team at any time:
If you accept all of the above statements, provide your electronic signature by clicking on "Agree" option below. Otherwise, click on the "Decline” option to opt out of this survey. *
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