Canine Behavioral Health Consultation
Thank you for helping your pet achieve a happier more comfortable state of behavioral/emotional health. A pet's “behavior” is the product of its genetic composition, the environment in which the animal functions, and the pet's experience (particularly in the pre- and postnatal environment through the primary socialization period). Pet behavioral healthcare focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behavior of domestic animals. For each species, normal social behavior is outlined, followed by a description of common behavioral disorders.

In companion animals, behavior problems weaken the pet–owner bond, resulting in significant conflict in the home. Yet studies show that many owners do not report behavior changes to their veterinarian, and most veterinarians neglect to inquire about them. Thus, screening for any behavioral changes or emerging behavior problems should be done at each veterinary visit to ensure that the behavioral health, physical health, and welfare of the pet are being effectively and humanely managed. We congratulate you and thank you very much for taking the time and attention to fill in this very thorough and extensive questionnaire to help us create the best customized behavioral healthcare plan for your pet.

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