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Belonging: Calling Us In from Exile and Isolation

Led by:
Laura Czarniecki, Lo Goldberg, Marcella Westcott, & Tyson Wilson


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In each of us, there is a powerful yearning to belong. We want to be welcomed into the fold and held in our wholeness. We want to contribute to something greater than ourselves and be witnessed for our unique and limitless gifts. Deep inside there is a persistent little voice that says, “I deserve to be seen and heard. Even more, to be fully embraced and celebrated!” And yet, for various reasons, this longing often goes unvoiced. Frequently, in our self-talk, those reasons sound like: “I am an outsider,” or “Nobody understands me,” or “If I could only change this about myself I would be good enough,” or “I don’t really NEED people anyway.”

Co-counseling theory contends that these beliefs are untrue. They come into our thinking and our actions as the result of distress. Through shame, punishment, humiliation, violence, exclusion, and marginalization, we have all been hurt in group settings (families, classrooms, workplaces, sports teams, etc.). Often these experiences have been frequent and recurring, resulting in a systematic social conditioning that cuts us off from our inherent nature. At some point, for many of us, it began to feel safer to run away from belonging--to isolate. Or maybe we learned to practice false belonging: we hid and cut off parts of ourselves in order to fit in, access privilege and wield power over others. Maybe we learned to avoid, again and again, the vulnerable intimacy of relationships and community.

In this four-day, immersive workshop we will work together to reach for belonging. We will begin to heal our social wounds, unpack rigid oppressor roles and reclaim our inherent capacity for connection and love. Through paired sessions, small support groups, and demonstration sessions we will offer and receive attention, and discharge the stored pain of disconnection and isolation. Together we will think and feel about the following questions:

What if we admitted that we need each other?

What if we behaved as if we already belonged?

How do we call someone in, instead of call them out?

How do we share power and responsibility?

This workshop is open to everyone, without regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, or economic background. While the workshop is not fully accessible to people with disabilities, our desire is to make the workshop as accessible as feasible. If you would like to attend and have a disability that you think may prevent you from coming or hinder your participation, contact the coordinators, and we can think together about how we may be able to accommodate your needs.

Completion of an introductory fundamentals of co-counseling class is required to attend this workshop.

COST OF THE WORKSHOP: $150 - $600 sliding scale (pay in relation to your income/resources) PLUS the cost of Breitenbush lodging (listed below). Scholarships are available (see below). Please do not let cost be a barrier to you attending this healing workshop. Please contact Devin to discuss payment options.

LODGING: We generally are able to meet everyone's preference for type of cabin, and the sooner you register the more likely you are to get your choice. $325 for a shared cabin without a bathroom or $388 for a shared cabin with a bathroom. There is a 10% discount for lodging for people 65 or older. There is also a 10% discount for lodging for employees of worker owned cooperatives.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Financial assistance is available from Allies for workshop fees. Please contact Chris Kochiss at chriskochiss@yahoo.comto request a scholarship application. Allies scholarship applications must be submitted by March 31st.

Financial assistance is also available from Breitenbush towards the cost of lodging. Please visit http://breitenbush.com/scholarships/ to apply for a Breitenbush scholarship. Breitenbush scholarship applications must be submitted by January 31st.

Please contact Devin MacArthur at jdmacar@pdx.edu.

PLEASE REGISTER ASAP - The workshop will be here before you know it!

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