YAALI Executive Board Application
Thank you for your interest in the Fall 2019 YAALI Executive Board. Please read the descriptions below of each position, and continue on with the application. Upon review, interviews will follow. Again, thank you for your interest, and we will be in touch shortly.
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Position Descriptions
Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in overseeing all engagements, as well as helping delegate the responsibilities of all of Executive Board positions. The Vice President will always step up in the absence of the President, and will be versed in all responsibilities of the President.

Executive Treasurer: The Executive Treasurer shall keep all finances of the organization in order, keep track of donors, collect membership dues, oversee and assist the Fundraising Coordinator and Board, and complete an Annual Financial Report to be submitted to Student Activities. The treasurer will also be responsible for dispersing YAALI t-shirts once dues are paid, and selling YAALI apparel at events and meetings.

Executive Secretary: The Executive Secretary shall assist in administrative management of all meetings, keep all members informed of meetings and activities, record and post meeting minutes, develop quarterly newsletter, and oversee and assist Webmaster and Membership Coordinator and Board. The Executive Secretary will be responsible for sending out all emails, and updating the google drive once per semester.

Community Service Chair: The Community Service Chair shall plan at least one monthly community service activity for YAALI members and fellows, and find a long term organization to partner with for the school year. The chair will keep track of attendance at each community service event.

Fundraising Coordinator: The Fundraising Chair shall plan and lead at least one fundraiser per month to go towards service supplies for each trip. The chair will also be responsible for reaching out to corporate sponsors and organizations for donations. Aside from these duties, the chair will be required to develop a funding proposal and present it to HUSA Senate and SFAC for funding.

Event Coordinator: The Event Coordinator will be responsible for planning at least two events per semester for YAALI general body, excluding general body meetings. The coordinator will also be responsible for organizing at least one bonding activity for each trip group prior to departure.

Membership Coordinator: The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for updating the YAALI roster, will oversee the YAALI general body application process, and report the roster to both Student Life & Activities and ResLife for RSVP points. The coordinator will assist the Executive President and Vice President in organizing applications for each trip and conducting interviews of prospective fellows.

Public Relations Chair: The Public Relations Chair will be responsible for managing each of YAALI's social media accounts and ensure that YAALI maintains a social media presence. The chair will be required to make captions for each post, and come up with a posting schedule. Aside from these duties, the chair will continue YAALI's fellow of the week/month highlights and quotes of week.

Graphic Designer: The Graphic Designer will be responsible for making flyers for each event, meeting, community service activity, and application release. The graphics person will also be responsible for designing one new piece of YAALI apparel for the year.
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