The Bridge: Water Survey
You are invited to contribute to a new experiment in educational activism by artists Benjamin Andrew and Paz Tornero.

Responses to this survey will help create an online resource dedicated to fighting ecological risks associated with natural water supplies and drinking water. We would like to feature quotes from responses online, but you can choose to contribute anonymously, or keep your written responses private.

This survey is part of an ongoing virtual residency organized by the SciArt Center. Learn more at:
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Describe where your water comes from (i.e. the path from source to tap) to the best of your ability. *
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Is your tap water safe to drink? *
Do you regularly use a water filter? *
Is your water hard or soft?
Describe the taste of your water. Please be specific. *
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Which of the following chemicals do you think are in your water? *
What health risks do you associate with drinking contaminated water? *
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What actions would you take if you thought your tap water was contaminated? (Check all that apply) *
Choose your ideal vacation destination: *
What would you do if you discovered you recently swam in water contaminated with harmful bacteria? *
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Which industries do you think are most harmful to natural water supplies? (1 is least harmful, 5 is most harmful) *
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Not very harmful
Moderately harmful
Very harmful
Nuclear power
Fossil fuel energy production
Renewable energy production
Can we publish excerpts from your written responses online or in other extensions of the project? *
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