Sierra Club Niagara Group Interest Survey
1. What are you looking for in your Sierra Club membership?
Check all that apply
2. What local environmental concerns are most important to you?
Check up to three
3. Are there environmental issues that you would like the Sierra Club to address in your immediate area?
4. How would you like to be involved in the environmental issues that interest you?
Check all that apply. You won't be assigned unless contacted first.
5. Do you read the Sierra Magazine (national periodical)
Clear selection
6. Do you read the Sierra Atlantic Newspaper (state periodical)
Clear selection
7. Do you read the Sierra Trailblazer Newsletter (local periodical)
Clear selection
8. Are you aware of how the Niagara Group is involved in local environmental issues?
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9. We invite other comments and suggestions.
Yes! I would like to get more involved in the local organization. Please have someone contact me.
If you would like to be contacted please provide your contact information including your: Name, email, phone, and address.
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