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Race car class name that you competed in at Super Nationals? *
How many people traveled with you to the Super Nationals Event? *
How much did your team spend in total on accommodations, camping, or lodging during the Super Nationals event? *
How much did your team spend in total at Gas Stations, Convenience stores, Grocery Stores, and other Goods or Services during the Super Nationals event? (include travel costs to and from your home base) *
How much did your team spend in total on restaurant meals (fast food or dine in), during the Super Nationals event? (include travel to/from your home base) *
How much was your total spend for attending the Super Nationals, including ALL expenses? *
How many miles did you travel to reach the Super Nationals Event? *
What is your home State? *
What do you do for a living? *
Does your team support any charitable causes? If yes, please list all that you support. *
Did you visit any other areas or attractions on your trip to/from the Super Nationals Event? If yes, please list below. *
What is your annual spend on racing for all your racing activity? Include operating cost, shop rent, parts, travel, entry fees, etc. *
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