Kitten Adoption Application- ACAS
Our kitten adoption application was designed to help us tackle kitten season more efficiently! Applications are meant to match potential adopters with kittens that we currently have, or kittens we may get in.
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If you have a specific kitten you are interested in, name them below!
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Please explain your source(s) of income in detail. Ex: "Mechanic, full time", "Homemaker", "Odd jobs". *
Please describe where you will keep your pet while you are at home. *
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Where will your pet primarily live? *
Do you plan on declawing? If so, please list the veterinarians name. *
Where will your pet sleep at night? *
How many hours a day (on average) will your pet be left alone? *
Do you allow pets on your furniture? *
Will you be a first time cat owner? (This does not exclude you from the adoption process.) *
Please list all dogs/cats in your home including their names, if they are spayed/neutered, vaccination status, age and breed. *failure to leave a detailed description for your current pet(s) will result in your application being denied immediately. *
Do you own any of the following? Please select all that apply. *
What will you do with your pet if you move? *
How will you navigate any behavioral concerns that may occur with a new pet? (i.e. accidents in the house, tearing up personal belongings, scratching) ? *
Why do you want this pet? Select all that apply. *
Please list your primary veterinarian, along with their contact information. *
Please explain who will watch your pet if you go on vacation, out of town, or have an emergency. *
Please provide 2 references (not family), along with their contact information and their relation to you. *
What is the best form of contact for you? *
What are you looking for in a kitten? (i.e. energy level, personality type, gender, color or fur preference, etc.)
If you have anything you would like to add or have any questions, please include it in the space below.
We hold the right to refuse an adoption for any reason. Justification for adoption denial may or may not be provided. Applicants may or may not receive a response on the application status. If you are approved to adopt, you will be contacted within 4 days of application submission.
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