SubioCraft Staff Application
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Welcome to the SubioCraft Staff Application!
Answer honestly and truthfully, you should receive a message from our Staff Manager, Trevorcraft71, with a response. You MUST meet the requirements listed on before submitting an application. Good Luck!
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What Experience do you have with our Plugins? (Essentials, CoreProtect, GriefPrevention, WorldEdit, LiteBans etc.) If so, explain. *
When we mean experience we mean do you know how to use it. Just saying
How well do you think you can enforce our rules? *
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Very Well
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How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server per week?
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What rank do you wish to apply for? You must fill in for experience if choosing Builder or Developer *
If you selected builder above, please attach images of your previous builds.
If you wish to be developer, please state what experience do you have? (and if you have any files, just send them to Trevorcraft71#9767 on discord)
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