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All judges returning and new please complete this simplified form. You may be interested to know - we will be providing an online webinar and a slide show to help 'train' and 'prepare' judges for the fair. The training is optional and may be done at your convenience, should you be interested.

Synopsys ACSEF Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Harassment Policies:

I agree to act in a positive and ethical manner in which each student encountered is treated fairly and respectfully. Privileged information or ideas that are obtained through my volunteer service will be kept confidential by me and I will not use such information or ideas nor disclose such information or ideas to third parties. I understand that any information presented by students is the property of the student and will not be shared or discussed in any manner outside of the Judges Building, nor profit made from this information.
I agree to disclose all conflicts, potential conflicts, and perceived conflicts of interest resulting from direct competitive, collaborative or other relationships with any of the students. I agree to recuse myself from specific events, locations, category judging, and conversations (and other situations that may present as a conflict of interest) as needed to maintain the integrity of the fair and judging. I realize that should a conflict of interest arise during the fair process, I will notify the fair Directors and/or Judging Coordinator (Maafi Gueye or Suzette Takei) as soon as the conflict is recognized. Failure to recuse myself or notify Directors/Judging Coordinator will result in the student being removed from SACSEF and all potential prizes and awards.
Furthermore, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the following harassment policy:
All Synopsys ACSEF participants and volunteers are protected from, and must not engage in any form of harassment by another Synopsys ACSEF participant or other person for any reason including, but not limited to: age, national origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, ancestry and/or veteran status and understand SACSEF has an immutable responsibility to investigate such claims.
In conclusion, I agree to notify Synopsys ACSEF Director/Judging Coordinator immediately if I become aware of any circumstance that would potentially compromise my ability to attend the event or fulfill my volunteer duties. Please email

I agree to the above stated Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, & Harassment policies. *
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Meal Preference *
Lunch, Snacks and Drinks will be provided throughout the day. We need to know about galleries and dietary restrictions. We order our food in quantities related to what you have requested and all individuals need specific option will have a meal with their name on it.
T-SHIRT: pick a size, you'll get a free SACSEF tshirt. Must be registered to judge by Feb 10th to ensure correct t-shirt size.
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College Degrees - list college Major(s)/Minor(s) & degree(s) *If you are currently a college student type "in progress" *
Format: (College, Degree(s), Major(s) and Minor(s)) Example: UCB, Major-Physics/Minor-Mathematics, BS, Masters Physics, PhD
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*Previous Judging Experience (if applicable)
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Grade Level Preference to Judge? *
You have options of middle school (grades 6-8) or high school (grades 9-12). Please be aware we try but sometimes cannot accommodate all preferences. Also, please note: if you have a child in the fair or you supported/mentored a student in the fair, you MUST judge a grade level and/or category that they are NOT in.
If you are a high school teacher, we would like you to judge middle school projects and special awards given by sponsors.
High School (HS) Judg1st choice)
There are 10 High School judging categories. Select ONE as your 1st choice
High School (HS) Judging Category 2nd Choice
There are 10 High School judging categories. Select ONE as your 2nd choice
Middle School (MS) Judging Category 1st Choice
There are 10 Middle School judging categories. Select ONE as your 1st choice
Middle School (MS) Judging Category 2nd Choice
There are 10 Middle School judging categories. Select ONE as your 2nd choice
Special Awards Judging - I am willing to be assigned to judge a special award that is in my area of expertise in addition to my category project assignment. *
Special Accommodations
(e.g., disabled parking, wheel chair access etc.)
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Would you judge another fair?
If your local (neighborhood) middle school, high school or school district conducted their own science fair that eventually moved students into the Synopsys ACSEF, would you consider being a judge at that fair?
If you answered yes, what is the name of the middle and high school nearest to where you live? What school district are they part of? If unknown write unknown.
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If you have previously judged our fair, is there anything we can do to make the experience better for you?
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