Boogie Bounce Xtreme (BBX) with Felicia Kaw
It's a crazy cardio, fat-burning, calorie-torching and strength training with me on a mini trampoline!
THANK YOU. I know that a thank you is something that is often overlooked and underrated but I feel strongly about acknowledging you for being part of this journey with me. There's no way I could have felt supported and connected through this virtual classes if you hadn't signed up and weren't part of it.

There's no way I would want to start off the new term without offering you something that is within my means.

For the new term of 8 sessions, I will be adding 2 complimentary sessions. That's 10 sessions at the usual 8-session fee of S$120.

Dates: 28 July, 4, 11, 18 & 25 August, 1, 8 & 15 September 2020 (Tuesdays)
*PLUS 2 complimentary virtual classes on Facebook page 22 & 29 September 2020 (Tuesdays)
Time: 7 PM
Duration: 60 mins
Fee: $120 for 8+2 sessions!
Platform: ZOOM live (at 12pm on Mondays of the week) after which videos will be left online on closed Facebook Page (on Tuesdays) for 72 hours so you can do it at your OTOT or do it multiple times!)


Dates: 1, 8, 15, 22 & 28 August and 5, 12 & 19 September 2020 (Saturdays)
PLUS 2 complimentary classes on Facebook page on 26 September and 3 October 2020 (Saturdays)
Time: 11.30AM
Duration: 60 mins
Fee: $120 for 8+2 sessions!
Platform: ZOOM live (at 12pm on Mondays of the week) after which videos will be left online on closed Facebook Page for 72 hours so you can do it at your OTOT or do it multiple times!)

If you will prefer to do ala-carte "walk in" sessions, you are welcome to do so at S$18 per session. Just PM me at +65 81123811.

Mode of payment: PAYNOW or PAYLAH to +65 8680 0800 (Sherrin) and please send a print screen of payment to the same number to let her know you have made payment.

Register via this form
Proceed to complete payment
You will be asked to join a closed group FB page (if you haven’t) where more information of LIVE classes and videos will be shared.

Terms and Conditions:
1. You are responsible for your own health.
2. Any injuries sustained to yourself and others around you will not deem the instructor and organising parties liable.
3. Please wear non-slip socks during the workout.
4. There will be no refunds for missing the class.
5. Latecomers may be accepted only during breaks.
6. You cannot record more than 1 min of the instructor
7. If your trampoline is damaged, we will take the deposit fee of $50 to repair the parts that are worn or spoilt.
8. Collection/Delivery will be at your own expense.
9. Should you require more bungee straps to be replaced, they are S$3.50 per strap/S$30 for 10 straps.
10. Trampolines have to be returned within 1 week should you wish to stop your classes.
11. As SportsSG is promoting this program as well, they may contact you for marketing purposes or to verify that you did sign up for these classes.

1. NO Barefeet, ONLY non-slip socks are allowed. NO SHOES on trampoline as this is harmful to your ankles.
2. Please have a towel ready for yourself
3. Take lower intensity options and take as many breaks as you need. Lower intensity options are always given in the videos.
4. Hydrate yourself regularly whenever you need
5. Your experience can be enhanced by linking your device to a larger screen (ie. TV or a larger monitor) and sound to be linked to a wireless headset or external speakers.
6. If you are new to using FB, please create an account.
7. Please be on time.
8. Please take care of the trampoline. It should be placed on levelled, solid, ground. You should not push, lean and pull the t-bar as it can break off. Keep the trampoline in safe dry place.

See ya on the trampoline!
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If you are not feeling well and have any pre-existing (or newly developed) medical issues that you may suspect you have, we ask that you seek a GP's approval before embarking on any workout(s) including this class. Note that you are responsible for your own well-being in participating in this class.
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