CHI PLAY 2020 - Student Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in being a CHI PLAY Student Volunteer! By filling out this form, you apply to be a student volunteer (SV) at this year's virtual CHI Play conference:

As an SV, you agree to work ~15 hours at and/or before the conference (e.g., answering questions online, assisting session chairs, supporting speakers, assisting with social media, etc.). In return, your conference fee is waived.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the SV chairs here:

We aim to be in touch with all volunteers by September 27th.
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Which university/institution are you affiliated with?
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Have you been a Student Volunteer at a previous CHI PLAY conference? *
Please list any other academic conferences at which you have been a student volunteer, if applicable:
What languages do you speak?
What timezone are you in? Please give either a relative timezone (GMT +/-n) or a major city in your timezone. *
Have you submitted work to the CHI PLAY 2020 conference?
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Does your attendance at this conference depend on being a Student Volunteer?
Are there any particular skills that you would like to tell us about? e.g. familiarity with hosting online events, social media, video production, graphic design, confident in public speaking.
We plan to prioritise applicants who face greater systemic exclusion and/or marginalisation. Do you identify as a member of an equity-seeking group (e.g. BIPOC, disabled, gender oppressed, colonized, etc.)
If you like, add some comments, for example you could tell us about why you would make a great Student Volunteer.
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