Three Speed Adventure April 2019 registration
Hello! This handy dandy form will help me keep tabs on who's taking part this year. Please note that there will be a separate form sent to you to keep track of the rides.
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Bike(s) you will use during the challenge. (Please note: You will not be obligated to using these bikes, I just want to get an idea.) *
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Place(s) on the internet you will be posting your rides. (Please note, this is not required, but you will still need to report your progress to me.) If you are NOT blogging/posting to social media, etc, just put N/A. If you ARE posting to flickr/tumblr/instagram, PLEASE INCLUDE THE TAG #threespeedadvapr2019 (But it's still good to notify me by tagging me!) *
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There will be a prize package available if you successfully complete the Challenge. This will cost money. It's not yet figured out, but will most likely be in the $10 to $15 (USD) range, plus shipping. (If you are not in the US, shipping WILL NOT be cheap) Are you cool with this? *
Even if you post your rides on your blog and/or via social media, you will still need to fill out a separate formdetailing your rides. This is to make it easier for me to account the rides. Is this cool? *
I will be posting regular reports of people's progress on the blog. I will include people's name, location, recap, and photos. I will include people's blogs and social media links, but not their personal details. Is this cool? *
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