Brewery Application
Please read through our Festival policies and then click Next to begin the Festival application. If you prefer, this form can be printed from and mailed to Claudius Crozet Park, PO Box 171, Crozet, VA 22932
> Breweries are not charged for Festival booth space*. Please sign-up early and return the registration form (paper or online) before October 15, 2018.
> We expect to provide significant media exposure for this event and consider this application your commitment to participate. Should your plans unavoidably change, Breweries should provide notice of cancellation by November 1, 2018.

* We welcome Brewery participation as Festival Sponsors – sponsorship comes at several levels and includes headline exposure in Festival marketing as well as other great benefits! Visit for information.

Advertising and Promotion
The Crozet Winter Brews Festival will be actively and extensively promoted, specifically targeting beer fans from the local area as well as Richmond, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, and areas of Northern Virginia. We request that participating Breweries join us in promoting the Festival through distributing posters and postcards, including the Festival logo with a link to our website on the Brewery website, and joining our social media campaigns.

The Festival also requests the use of your Brewery logo, as well as specific logos for the beers being served from your Brewery, for use in promoting the event. Your agreement to the terms of the Festival application will serve as release for the Festival's use of this material for this event. Logos and other media should be emailed to

Brewery Benefits - provided by the Festival
> Booth space – either 10 x 10 or 20 x 10
> (2) 3’x8′ table
> (3) 40lb bags of ice (additional available at cost)
> Potable water for Attendees and Staff
> Utility water
> Tasting glasses
> Listing of Brewery name and individual beers provided in our Festival Brews Guide
> A ballot will be provided for visitors to vote on the sampled beers, with winners tallied in individual divisions - porters, ales, stouts - and Best in Show.
> Volunteer and Brewery representative after-party, location TBD
Brewery Provides:
> Jockey boxes
> CO2
> tubs
> ice coolers
> signage and banners - clearly indicating Brewery name and ownership info (if 25% or more owned by another brewery), Brewery location, and names, styles, and other information regarding the beer available for sampling.
> pop-up tent (bring weights and/or stakes in case of wind)
> rope, as needed
> any merchandise or other brewery information to display in your booth
Load in and Strike out Schedule
> Check-in and Set-up will be Saturday, December 8 starting at 8:00am until the Festival opens at 11:00am.
> Tear-down will be Saturday, December 8 beginning when the Festival closes at 5pm.
> No set up or tear-down will be permitted during Festival hours.
> Brewery representative/s must check in by 9:30 to receive staff member badges, booth assignment, and begin set up.
> Event Volunteers will be available for assistance.
Tasting Procedure
> The Crozet Winter Brews Festival will provide tasting glasses to attendees. The first 1000 ticket purchasers will receive keepsake glass Festival pint glasses, marked at the 3oz point for tastings. Subsequent ticket purchasers will receive compostable plastic tasting cups.
> The Crozet Winter Brews Festival will purchase, directly from your Brewery or through your distributor, up to 3 full kegs or the equivalent amount in bottles or cans for your staff to pour as tastings. Purchases will be at the discretion of the Festival, chosen to provide the broadest and most interesting range of tastings and depending in part on the Festival budget. Please provide pricing in the beer section of the application - if possible we prefer to purchase directly from the Brewery and at-cost purchases will be greatly appreciated!
> General admission ticket holders will be eligible for unlimited tastings during the Festival until beers run out or at the discretion of the Festival or Brewery Staff.
> Attendees who are visibly intoxicated should not be served.
> Ticket holders will be ID checked and given a wristband. Attendees without a wristband may not be given alcohol.
> Water will be provided for all Festival attendees and Brewery Staff.
General Policies
> Brewery displays should stay within their designated booth space. Displays that impede the flow of traffic, are judged by Festival staff to present a danger to the public, or encroach on a neighbor's booth are not allowed. There will be space behind the booths for storage if necessary.
> Complimentary promotional items may be distributed to the public.
> The purpose of this Festival is to share the knowledge of Virginia's dark brews. As such, 1-3 Brewery representatives knowledgable about the beer being served are expected to be present in the Brewery booth at all times.
> All brewery representatives must be 21 years or older and present valid photo ID at check-in.
> Brewery representatives must be sober throughout the Festival. Any brewery representative deemed intoxicated during the event will be required to leave and must be replaced by another representative of the Brewery.
The Fine Print
> “Brewery” means the legal entity, whether corporate or individual(s) entering into this Brewery Application for the Crozet Winter Brews Festival ("Event").
> The Crozet Winter Brews Festival and Claudius Crozet Park, its Officers and Directors, employees, consultants, agents, affiliates, volunteers, sponsors, and the host facility (individually and collectively “Event Management”, as the context requires), shall not be responsible for injury (including death), loss, expense or damage to persons, goods, equipment or decorations, caused by accident, or any other cause, either directly or indirectly, during load in and out preparations or during the Event’s scheduled duration (December 8, 2018). This applies to any injury, loss or damage to persons, goods, equipment or decorations which occurs during transportation of goods, and/or other cause.
> Brewery assumes all responsibility for insuring their own property against the risks of fire, theft, burglary, breakage and leakage, and weather or water damage as well as the risks of transport to and from the festival site. The Crozet Winter Brews Festival and/or Claudius Crozet Park will not be liable to Brewery or any other person for any damage or loss whatsoever, arising from any cause. Without limiting the foregoing, the Crozet Winter Brews Festival will not be liable for any loss incurred by reason of failure of the Brewery to obtain such insurance or failure of such insurance to cover any loss.
> Event Management shall be in no way whatsoever liable to a Brewery, their employees, agents, invitees, guests, affiliates, successors or assigns (together, the “Vendor Agent”) for their participation at the Crozet Winter Brews Festival.
> Brewery representative/s, our heirs, successors and assigns agree to release and hold harmless the Crozet Winter Brews Festival and/or Claudius Crozet Park Inc, their board of directors, staff, volunteers, sponsors and affiliated charity and corporate partners and their heirs, successors, and assigns for any loss of property or physical harm, including, but not inclusive, of damage from acts of God, weather, health hazards, terrorism, etc. or Festival cancellation due to acts of God, weather, health hazards, terrorism, etc. I/we further agree to waiver any and all rights without limitation on liability for the use of the festival space and service described in this application.

> The Winter Brews Festival Director and Claudius Crozet Park Board of Directors reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.

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