Getting to Know You Questionnaire for S&S&S
Hello and welcome to Sense & Sensibility & Science 2022! Please complete the following short (~5 min) questionnaire, so we can get to know you a little more and plan an amazing course for you!
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Which of the following discipline(s) do you most identify with? You can choose more than one! *
Outside of academics, what are you passionate about? What interests you the most? Anything you're comfortable sharing!
Which operating system(s) do you have access to for work or study? Choose all that apply. *
We may ask you to download and install software on your computer for some of our activities.
Which mobile operating system(s) do you primarily use, or have access to? Choose all that apply. *
We may ask you to install an app for some of our activities. It's fine if you can't. We'll make sure that every group has someone who can!
Have you done or participated in a scientific experiment before? *
It's fine if you haven't!
Do you discuss or argue with anyone about scientific or societal issues? If so, who do you usually talk to?
Would you like to be placed in one of the Berkeley Changemaker sections? *
Two of the twelve sections are part of the Berkeley Changemaker curriculum ( The base content is the same as the other sections, but the section instructor will draw a deeper connection to Berkeley Changemaker's mission, specifically to the L&S C12 course. You will still be able to switch sections even after enrolment.
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