Student Cross 2019 family booking
This booking form is for our family legs: Peg, Wells or Wensum.

If you wish to book for one of our adult-only legs - Essex, Kettering, London, Midland, Northern, Oxford, Ely, or Easter - please use the separate adult-only leg booking form -

To make a provisional booking to join a family group of Student Cross at Easter 2019, please complete this form. You will be contacted to be told if you have a provisional place and how to pay a deposit to confirm your place. We look forward to meeting you on the road.

NOTE: Completing this form does not guarantee your family’s place on the leg. Family legs are currently very popular and we may get more requests to join than there are places available. If a family leg is over-subscribed by the first deadline of Monday 17 December, 8pm, the leg leadership may need to conduct a ballot for places.

If you are unsure which pilgrim group you wish to join, please first read information at to help inform your choice before completing this form.

Booking is subject to our privacy and data policy at

If you have further questions about the pilgrimage itself or about booking a place, please contact us via our website

About you and your family
Tell us who you are. We are asking families to book together on one form*. One responsible adult should complete this form on behalf of their family or other children for which they are taking responsibility during the week. If you need to book for more than 4 children, please contact the leg leader.

*If your family is going to be split between Wensum and one of the other all-age legs, you will need to complete the form twice, once for those going on Wensum and once for those going on Peg/Wells.

Family name *
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Adult 1 first name *
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Adult 1 gender *
Adult 1 age on 13/4/19 *
Adult 2 first name
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Adult 2 gender
Adult 2 age on 13/4/19
Child 1 first name
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Child 1 gender
Child 1 age on 13/4/19
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Child 2 first name
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Child 2 gender
Child 2 age on 13/4/19
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Child 3 first name
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Child 3 gender
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Child 4 first name
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Child 4 gender
Child 4 age on 13/4/19
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Family contact details
Email 1 *
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Email 2
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Preferred phone *
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Postal address
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Your health
Please state if any member of your family has any dietary requirements, allergies, or will be observing any Lenten fast during the pilgrimage. It is also useful to know if any adults have a first aid certificate or other medical qualifications.

Please ask the leg leader to contact you if any member of your family has any medical conditions relevant to participating in the week, eg mobility or mental health issues. You are not required to provide this information, but please consider whether the leg leadership should be aware of any conditions that they might need to take into consideration in the event of a medical emergency. All information provided will be treated confidentially.

We also ask for the name, address and phone of a family member or friend to contact in the event of an emergency.

Dietary requirements *
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First Aid or medical qualifications *
Medical conditions
Next of kin name & contact number *
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Payment and financial support
Completion of this form provisionally reserves your family’s place. You will be contacted and invited to pay a deposit, which will be required formally to book your place. Please tell us how you would prefer to pay a deposit to reserve your place. Depending on your choice, you will be contacted by your leg leader with either leg bank details to pay by BACS or an address to post a cheque.

The Student Cross Association (SCA) is a registered charity that provides bursaries to assist pilgrims for whom financial constraints would be a barrier to participation. Money can be provided direct to Legs in support of a specific pilgrim to help cover the cost of the pilgrimage, or to assist with travel or equipment costs (e.g. a sleeping bag).

The SCA provides direct grants to legs for families who may struggle to pay the cost of taking part in the pilgrimage. You are invited to self-declare in one of three income categories. Your choice remains confidential to the leg leaders and the SCA. To help you to decide which category your family fits, please read the guidelines at

If your family requires support beyond that provided by the direct grant, please check the box below and your Leg Leader will contact you in confidence for further information. Find out more about the SCA at

Family status *
Further SCA support
Deposit method *
Family legs use cars to transport everyone to and from walking points during the week. Drivers are responsible for making sure they have up-to-date car insurance and licences. If you and your family do not have a car, the leg may be able to accommodate you at the leaders' discretion.

We need to know if you are bringing a car, and if you require a car park permit for the Easter weekend in Walsingham.

Returning home after the pilgrimage - For those who do not have cars, coaches are arranged from Walsingham to the following locations on the afternoon of Easter Sunday: one coach to Peterborough and Leicester, and one coach to Epping, London Kings Cross and London Victoria. It will help planning if you could express your interest in booking a seat on one of these. Costs will be given nearer the time. Please tell us if you want to take an organised bus home at the end of the pilgrimage

Bringing family car *
Car registration *
Your answer
Walsingham car permit *
Easter Sunday coach *
Music and liturgy
Most legs play music during the week (in services or during the evening). Please tell us if you play and wish to bring a musical instrument.

It also helps our liturgical planning to know if you are an authorised minister of a Christian Church, eg an ordained minister, lay reader or eucharistic minister.

Musical instruments
Your answer
Authorised minister
Your answer
Data and photo permissions
By completing this form, you are giving Student Cross permission to contact you before and during the 2019 pilgrimage. We also would like to keep in touch with you after next Easter to tell you about future pilgrimages and other Student Cross activities. Please tell us if you consent to have your personal details on our ongoing contacts list. You can opt out of this list at any time.

Photography and video filming taken during the pilgrimage may be used for Student Cross publicity purposes (including online). Please tell us if you consent to photos or video of your family being used for this purpose.

Contacts list consent *
Photo consent *
Your Student Cross history
It would be useful to know if you are taking part for the first time, and how you heard about us.
New to Student Cross *
Previous legs walked
Your answer
First contact *
Your availability
If you have previously taken part in Student Cross, we would like you to consider being transferable walkers. This means that if you have booked on a leg that is heavily subscribed, we may ask you (before the week) to switch to a leg that is low on numbers. This is entirely optional and will not affect your booking.

In order to get the best experience, it is important to take part in the whole pilgrimage. We ask if you cannot attend the whole pilgrimage for any reason. Leg leaders will normally give booking preference to those who can take part in the whole of the pilgrimage.

Transferable walkers *
Availability for duration of leg *
If part-time, state available days
Your answer
Your preferred group
If you are unsure which pilgrim group you wish to join, please first read information at to help inform your choice before completing this form.
Pick preferred leg *
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