Project Group Application Form 2019/2020
We are so happy you are interested in applying to Create Squared's 2019/2020 project team! The event is expected to take place in Spring 2020 over a weekend, with some pre-events also done for promotion purposes. We usually have a team meeting weekly or biweekly for 1-2 hours. Previous experience not required as long as you have an interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, and a great work ethic. Please note that Create Squared will be held in English. This is the fourth year that the event will take place.

Please check out or follow our social media to see videos and pictures from previous years.

Apply by September 29th 23:00.
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Positions Available
- Marketing Manager: Responsible for spreading the word, promoting the event, increasing ticket sales, and external communication. Working together with the Creative Director to create the best material to achieve these goals.

- IT Manager: Managing our website and updating it, setting up our ticket sales platform, and facilitating applications/tickets for the event as well as the technology during the event.

- Sponsorship Manager: Responsible for contacting and maintaining a good relationship with suitable companies for sponsorships of food, drinks, and goodies.

- Business Relations: Responsible for contacting corporate/startup potential partners and mentors, as well as managing these relationships with the highest level of professionalism throughout the year.

-Creative Director: In charge of the visual style and design of all marketing material, photography, and videography. Working with and aligning creative direction with the marketing manager to ensure inspiring, attention-grabbing, and visually appealing content.
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