Klein Lab Prospective Subject Information Form
Thank you for your interest in our study! In order to expedite the selection process we have developed this form to collect all necessary info beforehand with the intention of simplifying communication and subject pool selection going forward. To this end, please fill out the following questions as accurately and completely as possible. All presently open studies pay $10-12 per hour and do not involve any more than performing visual perceptual tasks on a computer in a self-paced environment. All experiments are conducted on the UC Berkeley Campus and involve a commitment of time anywhere from 7-14 days, though the days need not be back to back and our lab schedule is flexible enough to accommodate most schedules. Selected participants will meet me, Sean Bupara, at a scheduled time in my office, 416 Minor Hall Addition (for directions: http://berkeley.edu/map/). Upon your completion of this form, please expect a call from me to set an appointment time, at which point I can also answer any questions you may have. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!
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Again, the number of days may be spread over time, we just want to know your general expectations and to inform us which study may be best suited for you
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This information will also be used to assist us in selecting the right study for you, as we may prefer certain age groups for some studies and not others
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If so, please also remember to wear them when you come in for your first visit
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This info will be used to help narrow down available space as we recruit more subjects and ourt schedule begins to fill up
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Have you participated in any vision experiments as a research subject before?
If you'd like to say something about any experiemnts you've participated in please feel free to use the "other" option
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