EYES Workshop Request Form
Hello! We are so excited that you are interested in having EYES come to your school. Please be patient as we are piloting this new registration system for the second year. Last year the feedback was very helpful, so please let us know if there are any changes to the form that you would like to see in the future!

NOTE: Workshops are free for everyone this year. Having had to offer them for free thanks to the Federal CanCode Grant the past 3 years, we were made aware that our past fee was a barrier to access for many rural schools, and schools within our communities. We appreciate this feedback and are looking for ways to continue offering these for free in the foreseeable future. Right, now it is helpful if we can take photos- more on that later!

Before you get started here are a few guidelines to follow:
1. Please read through the Workshop Registration Package at: bit.ly/EYESWS2020
2. Please read all of the questions in the form in entirely, each section contains important information for both you and us!
3. Please fill out this form completely. If the form is not complete, we will not be able to complete your registration.
4. This form is set up to send you a copy of your responses once you submit. Please note that we may have to make minor adjustments, but we will communicate with you the entire way once we start processing bookings.
5. We do not start processing bookings until mid-April. Unfortunately, because our team is not hired before then, we are unable to complete these bookings any earlier. We will do everything we can to ensure that all requests are met, but please note that adjustments may be necessary.

Requirements: You must book your workshops as a school, and not as an individual class. Due to the high demand for workshops, we are unable to accommodate single classes at a time. Please do not register as an individual class.

Due o to the high number of registrations (more than 1500 in 2019!!!), you will be contacted once your registration is finalized, typically mid April. We ask that you do not contact us in regards to the status of your registration.

If you are closer to Saskatoon please note that Sci-Fi, our sister organization, offering FREE workshops of well! To register or for more information, please visit here: https://scifi.usask.ca/workshops.php

Please note that requests do not guarantee you a spot. We will do everything within our power to bring workshops to your school, but we strive to reach as many students as possible. This sometimes means that we cannot reach all interested schools.

That was a lot, but you made it. Now, on to the questions!.
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