Music4CHIEF Virtual Meet-n-Greet
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Band Members (name & instrument)
Are you on any music apps or social media sites? If so, provide your sites / handles so we can connect people with you!
Please send us a few photos and video link(s) (if available) for us to use in our write-up. You can send photos to OR send to us via instagram or facebook message (@music4chief)
Where is the band from?
What genre of music to play?
Formal training or self-taught?
Biggest music influence?
How did the band members meet?
What's a question about music that no one's ever asked you, but you wish they would?
Any non-music talents?
Favorite concert memory, or band memory?
Band member's favorite song(s), or does anyone have a special connection to a song? (feel free to share the connection, or keep it private - either is fine)
LIfe goals?
What does music do for you as a band and/or what do you think music can do for others, especially teenagers? (Collaborate as a band for this one)
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