Needs and Wants
Read carefully and complete the activity below. Ask your parents or another adult to go through your answers once you have completed the task. Your teacher may ask you to print out the completed quiz.
Watch the video to learn more about needs and wants.
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1. For this activity you need old magazines or newspapers and an A4 blank sheet of paper. On the front write "Needs" and on the back write "Wants". Cut out at least five pictures that show wants and at least five that show needs, Glue them on the correct side of the page. *
2, John received R200 for his birthday. HIs mother said he could but one item that he needs and one item that he wants. Select the two items that you think he bought. *
3. Mr Tshabalala and his family live in wealthy suburb in the city and Mr Mphela and his family live in a poor rural village. Write three sentences about the homes that they might live in. Write two sentences about their water and electricity supply. *
4. Why is a car sometimes a need and sometimes a want? Write two sentences. *
5. When do you think it is fine to get something that you really want? Write two reasons. *
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