Biology Permission Code Request Form Spring 2021
You will need to complete the permission code request form if one of these reasons applies to you:

• In-State Transfer Courses: You may need a permission code if a course you took does not directly articulate for a specific prerequisite here and/or this is your first semester attending the University of Utah.

• Out-of-State Transfer Courses: Your prerequisite course(s) was taken at a university other than the University of Utah. The current software does not recognize transfer courses as satisfying prerequisites.

• You were pre-approved for a course by the biology advising office (documentation of pre-approval may be requested at a later time).

For FULL courses, you should monitor enrollment on the class schedule, or in CIS to see if a seat becomes available. Students can also contact the instructor. If an instructor allows you to take their course, they will notify us directly for an add-code on your behalf - you should not fill out the form.
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Important Additional Document Notification- PLEASE READ!
If you have met a prerequisite at an institution outside of Utah, you must submit course syllabi for the prerequisites to for our review. If you are currently in-progress with a pre-requisite course OR the course is completed but not yet posted to DARS, you must email us both the prerequisite course syllabi and a copy of your unofficial transcript. We must determine that your transfer pre-requisite coursework is equivalent to our curriculum standards prior to issuing a permission code. Your request may be denied if your transfer coursework is not approved.

Please submit all documentation in a timely manner; we cannot guarantee you a seat if a course fills up before your paperwork has been submitted and processed. Please note it can take up to 2-4 weeks to have course syllabi reviewed.

If you have met the pre-requisite at another Utah institution and the course is still in progress or completed but not on DARS, you must submit a copy of your unofficial transcript to

If you have already been pre-approved by the biology advising office, you should have received an email confirming your pre-approval. We may ask you for additional documentation if we cannot confirm your pre-approval.
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