Travel Release Request
Per the Randolph Southern Athletic Handbook, all students involved in an athletic contest will ride the transportation provided by the school. Participants may ride home with their parent(s) only after permission is given from the coach and the parent(s) have submitted the travel release request.

The following form must be completed and turned in the day before the contest in question. Upon review and consultation with the coaching staff in question, the administration will either approve or deny the request and notify the requesting parent or guardian of the decision by email and phone.

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Email *
Question 1 - Parent/Guardian Name *
Question 2 - Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
Question 3 - Student's Name *
Question 4 - Person personally transporting the student *
Question 5 - Athletic Event/Contest and Location - If you would like to request a travel release from all away contests for the entire season in a given sport please answer "N/A" and proceed to Question 7. *
Question 6 - Date of Event/Contest
Question 7 - If you would like to request a travel release from all away contests for the entire season please select the sport below
I understand that Randolph Southern Athletic Department rules require that students ride the bus to and from all athletic events and a departure from this requirement (if approved) will release Randolph Southern Jr-Sr High School from all liability for any adverse results that may occur. I agree to release Randolph Southern Jr-Sr High School and its employees and officers from all liability with reference to the above stated transportation.
This form must be approved by the Athletic Director or Principal. An email will be sent and a phone call will be made with an approval or rejection to both the coach of the student's team and to the parent or guardian requesting the release.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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