Dr. Karin Duran Memorial Youth Scholarship Online Recommendation Form

The Dr. Karin Duran Memorial Youth Scholarship program provides financial assistance to outstanding high school Latinas from the San Fernando Valley who will be first-time college students in the FALL of 2018. Dr. Duran was a founding member of Comisión Femenil San Fernando Valley and dedicated over 25 years of her professional career supporting Comisión Femenil’s mission. From 1992 to 2009, Dr. Duran established, led, and with the support of her family, financed Comisión Femenil’s scholarship program. After her passing in June of 2010, Comisión Femenil members honored her legacy and by naming the scholarship in her name.

The Dr. Karin Duran Memorial Youth Scholarship has awarded over $41,750 to over 105 young Latina scholars since 2015. This year we will award multiple $1,000 scholarships.

1. Recommender must submit this form by FRIDAY APRIL 20th at 11:59PM.
2. Recommender can be any school staff member (teacher, counselor, tutor, advisor, and administrator) who is able to speak about the applicant's potential to succeed in college.

For more information, contact us at scholarship@comisionfemenil.org or visit our web-page at www.comisionfemenil.org.


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