BGC Internship Worksite Interest Form 2017-2018
Are you interested in working with a free high school age intern? Bloomfield Garfield Corporation runs two programs through out the year that allows for high school age students to be paid to intern in organizations all over Pittsburgh. The two programs run by BGC that allow students to gain paid work experience is the College and Career Readiness Program (CCRP) and Summer Learn and Earn.

The College and Career Readiness program (CCRP) helps local high school seniors with college preparation and application & career preparation. As part of our program we give our students the opportunity for 100 hours of paid internship with a work site that matches their interests. BGC is responsible for paying the students, so the internship would not come at a direct financial cost to the partnering organization. The internships are a valuable experience and an important step in developing our future workforce. CCRP is possible through a partnership with Partner4Work.

Learn and Earn is a six-week summer job program for teens and young adults ages 14-21 in the Pittsburgh region. Participants have the opportunity to earn money, gain valuable work experience, and develop soft skills to help them become college and career ready. Learn and Earn is made possible through a partnership between Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, and Partner4Work with support from local foundations.
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