Ryan Levesque - ASK Method Masterclass 2020 Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite Request

"$50,000 in Guaranteed Cash Prizes ... Including $10K First Place Prize!

Exclusive Invitation To Request Participation In Ryan Levesque's Upcoming ASK Method Masterclass Partner on Clickbank.

Hey it's Ryan Levesque here...

I'm super-excited to announce that for the first time EVER the ASK Method® has partnered with Clickbank to do a launch of our ASK Method Masterclass happening March 4th to March 20th

NEW! The entire ASK Method® Masterclass LAUNCH videos was completely re-filmed from scratch this year BRAND NEW. Specifically designed to keep the visitors engaged and excited about the next step.

And the results? Have been BETTER than anything we’ve ever produced:

In case you MISSED it, three years in a row this launch brought in $3 Million dollars each year, and this year it's going to be even bigger...

ASK Method® Affiliate Partners

I'm SOOO grateful that partners like Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Sally Hogshead, Billy Gene, Kevin Harrington, Sonia Ricotti, Eben Pagan, Ed Dale, Josh Turner, Rachel Miller, Marisa Murgatroyd and many others have already signed on to support this launch...

AND if you're a proven affiliate, with the ability to convert and retain multiple sales of a high-ticket product, I'd love to have YOUR support as well!

Last year we paid out over $2M in prizes and commission and we're expecting even bigger things for this upcoming partner launch...

I’d love nothing more than to pay you a HUGE commission check this year :-)

Keep reading for all the important DETAILS below...

Launch Dates

The launch will run from Wednesday, March 4 to March 20. Mark your calendar!

PLC #1 is released - March 4 2020
PLC #2 is released - March 9 2020
PLC #3 is released - March 12 2020
Cart Open - March 16 2020
Cart Close - March 20 2020

The Top 3 Reasons To Participate In The ASK Method Masterclass Partner Launch

Reason #1

BIG Commission Checks & Over $50,000 in CASH PRIZES!

Let's be honest, one of the big reasons why we all love launches so much is because of the chance to earn some big affiliate commission checks and prizes. Don't worry... we're going to pull out ALL the stops in this launch to make sure it's a profitable endeavor for you.

The price point of the ASK Method Masterclass is $1999 (paid-in-full) or 6 payments of $374. You'll get 40% commission for each sale you make.

And we pay fast.

How fast?

ClickBank's 22 year proven track record pays you on time, every time and pays on a net-14 settlement window. You'll know exactly how many sales you've driven, how much commission you've earned, and how much you're getting paid right in your ClickBank account.

Wire, direct deposit, check, or payoneer are all available...

We're Giving Away $200,000 In Prizes!

Top 10 Lead Prizes

Leads Contest March 4 to March 15th

1st Prize - $5,000!
2nd Prize - $2,000
3rd Prize - $900
4th Prize - $400
5th Prize - $200
6th Prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card
7th Prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card
8th Prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card
9th Prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card
10th Prize - $100 Amazon Gift Card

Top 10 Sales Prizes

Sales Contest March 16 to March 20th

1st Prize - $25,000!
2nd Prize - $8,000
3rd Prize - $3,600
4th Prize - $1,600
5th Prize - $800
6th Prize - $400
7th Prize - $400
8th Prize - $400
9th Prize - $400
10th Prize - $400

Reason #2

HIGH QUALITY Launch Content that CONVERTS!

Our JV Launch Last year was a huge success, not just in terms of the results it produced for the students, but also for our JV Partners.

Our TOP FIVE partners earned an average of $172.81 PER LEAD... and in case you think it was limited to the top 5... the TOP 50% earned an average of $124.22 PER LEAD.

Based on these numbers, we expect this to do VERY well with your audience.

And the BEST PART?

We've got NEW Case Studies this year to share with your audience... to show them that the ASK Method works across a huge variety of markets and industries, at all stages of their journey.

And just like LAST year, we did a BOATLOAD of split testing on our INTERNAL launches (including Landing pages... Facebook ads... Emails... and MORE) so YOU are going to be mailing to the absolute HIGHEST converting version of EVERYTHING.

Brand new Launch Videos and Content (responsible for $1.3M internal launch) that will make this feel completely FRESH with your audience.

Reason #3

Customers are LOVING the New ASK 2.0 Product + bucket.io Software!

The entire NEW ASK 2.0 Masterclass custom LMS & bucket.io Software have been rebuilt from the ground up. Customers are LOVING both.

In addition to NEW Launch Videos and Content, we also REBUILT the entire course delivery experience from the ground up. We've reviewed all of the data and found that students who graduate from the ASK Method® Masterclass generate 220% more Leads than non-graduates.

And with a 26% Graduation rate... 320% higher than Harvard's Online Course Completion... that's pretty awesome. So we've doubled down on doing what it takes to get our students to take action...Implementation Challenges, Office Hours, Bootcamps, Live Coaching, and more are all aimed at increasing student success.

What this means is your customers will LOVE you for introducing you to ASK and this is a GREAT reason to promote.

Program Investment: $1999 Pay-In Full or 6 Payments of $374
Commission Structure: 40% ($800 to $897 Per Sale)
Promo Dates: Wed March 4th to Friday March 20th
Pre-Launch Dates:
PLC #1: Wednesday, March 4
PLC #2: Monday, March 9
PLC #3: Thursday, March 12
Cart Open: Monday, March 16
Cart Close: Friday, March 20


Here's What To Do Next...

First, be sure to mark down March 4, 2020 to March 20, 2020 in your calendar. Those are the contest dates.

Second, in order to be considered for this year’s affiliate commission program, please fill out the form below

You will need a www.Clickbank.com Affiliate Account. We will be selective in approving partners for this launch. Make sure to sign up ASAP so you don't miss out!"

Mike Merz Sr
Officially Appointed JV Broker - ASK Method Masterclass 2020

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