2021 Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for G.I.R.L.S. Rock VT!
(Gender Inclusive Real Life Skills)
YOU are needed to help keep the camp alive in these challenging times!!
Have you always wanted to help empower girls and gender non-conforming youth?
We have the gear, we have the campers,
maybe you have the passion??
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Do you have any medical conditions, allergies, or disabilities that we should know about? If so, please indicate here. All medical information will be kept confidential, and shared only with the camp nurse and, in the event of an emergency, with other staff only as necessary. If possible, please include any medications you’re taking.
First Aid/CPR
Check here if you have current certification in:
Additional Skills
Please check the boxes below if you have skills in any of the following areas and would be willing to donate your time during the camp session and/or during the year
Volunteer Job Sign-Up
Please read the descriptions on the application page before filling out this section. Feel free to sign up for one job or several.
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Both sessions will take place at Rock Point School in Burlington
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If you signed up to be a COUNSELOR or BAND COACH, please indicate what age group you prefer working with
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If you signed up to be a BAND COACH or INSTRUMENT INSTRUCTOR, please indicate which instruments you play
If you signed up to be a WORKSHOP LEADER, please indicate what topic you'd like to address.
If you signed up for ROADIE, RECEPTIONIST, FLOATER, KITCHEN TEAM, CAMP NURSE, CAMP SUPPORT or CONFLICT RESOLUTION please indicate your availability during the camp week
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If you signed up to be CAMP NURSE, please indicate your qualifications, and list any experience you have working with young girls & women.
If you have any additional notes about your schedule, please put them here.
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