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Please note: As of Jan 2018, Dorm lodging now has a 60 person minimum invoice.
If you are requesting the Retreat Center/Main Lodge (hotel), how will most of the rooms be allocated?
Please note: **pricing is not per room but per person**. We are unable to offer ala-carte pricing. Please choose the option that will apply to the majority of your rooms.
If you are requesting the Retreat Center/Main Lodge, will you need additional (break-out) meeting spaces?
Please note: One meeting space is included in the cost of your retreat. Additional meeting spaces are size dependent and billed per calendar day. (i.e. a Fri/Sat retreat would be billed for 2 days) Important: not all breakout meeting spaces have Wi-Fi. We do not recommend depending on streaming video for any meeting space. We are in the country and it is not always dependable. Download any videos before arrival.
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Estimated time of arrival for most guests:
On your date of arrival, when will the participants be arriving?
How will your guests will be arriving and departing?
If this method changes after booking, please let the booking coordinator know.
Will someone be arriving early to set up?
If so, what time?
Adventure Zone
***Please note***: Adventure zone is billed per person at the time of invoicing (2 weeks prior to your event.)

In order to offer the best experience with these events, we must know the number of people planning to utilize these activities and what time in your schedule you are planning for them. Please collect participant information at registration as we have found it is often difficult to collect at a later date.

****Failure to provide participant numbers and scheduled times in advance will forfeit the reservation for adventure zone activities. The 2 week prior to retreat deadline for adventure zone cannot be extended. Please make every effort to provide your schedule/agenda for these activities well in advance of the 2 week deadline for numbers.****

All guests must also sign a waiver form. Guests under 18, must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.

Please see our website at to learn more information about the adventure zone.
Are you interested in any of the adventure complex activities?
Note: during the summer months of June and July availability for these activities is especially limited. Maximums are per hour. We can go above the maximum but you will need to allocate more time in your schedule to accommodate.
Would you like the booking coordinator to send you a copy of the waiver so you can hand them out with registration information?
Please note: meal prices are different for the Corral (camp/dorm) side and Retreat Center (lodge) side. Please inquire about a pricing guide if you would like the pricing breakdown for each meal selected. Snacks are $2 per person, per day.

Groups are expected to take a minimum of 2 meals for every night of stay (i.e. 2 night retreat = 4 meals minimum). Your first and last meal will also affect your arrival and departure times.

**If breakfast is your first or last meal:
Can arrive as early as 7am | Depart no later than 11am

**If lunch is your first or last meal:
Can arrive as early as 9am | Depart no later than 4pm

**If dinner is your first or last meal:
Can arrive as early as 1pm | Depart no later than 8pm.

20 PERSON MINIMUM for the hot buffet meal service. We do have other options available for smaller groups. (Continental breakfast, boxed lunches, grill your own dinners, pizza dinners)
Which meals would you like to include with your Retreat?
Reminder: which meals you select affect your arrival and departure time as outlined above.
Notes specific to event:
Feel free to give any additional information here. Would you like a bonfire? Any special requests? What time would you like to plan for any Adventure Zone Activities?
Estimated time of departure
On your departure date, when will the participants be leaving?
Retreat Planning Timeline:
In order to pull off a seamless event, please understand a booking coordinator will follow up from time to time with requests for information on your event. Country Lake is here to serve, therefore we do need to know ahead of time how we can best serve you.
At 6 weeks prior to your event, Country Lake will need your schedule/agenda.
If you are planning on Adventure Zone Activities, we will need to know it at this time.
At 3-4 weeks prior to your event, Country Lake will need your meeting space set up and audio visual needs.
Please be thinking about how you'd like your space set up and what you will need from us. Reminder: we do NOT recommend relying on streaming videos for any presentations. Please download any videos before arrival.
At two weeks prior to the event, Country Lake will need your current registration numbers and rooming list (if you chose the retreat center).
At no less than 2 weeks prior to your retreat, Country Lake will need your agenda/schedule and the number of people participating in each adventure zone activity.
If you can provide this information sooner, it will help us ensure we can meet your requested schedule. Note, these are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. The sooner you can narrow down these items in your agenda and send them to Country Lake, the better!
Do you already know much of this information?
Would you like the booking coordinator to send you a follow up form so you can go ahead and share?
Any other information you'd like to share with us?
How can we be praying for your group?
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