Project Monitoring Committee Assistant Director Application Form, Psychological Science Accelerator
The Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA) wishes to recruit an Assistant Director of the Project Monitoring Committee. This new assistant director would work in tandem with Hannah Moshontz, current Assistant Director, to facilitate the activities of the Project Monitoring Committee.

The Project Monitoring Committee
Members of the Project Monitoring Committee monitor, encourage, and track progress on PSA-supported projects. Project monitors confirm that PSA projects adhere to important policies (e.g., ethics approval at every site, posting of data). Project monitors also meet regularly with PIs and use a project tracking spreadsheet to maintain a big-picture view of the current status of a project. Finally, project monitors help PIs identify and address potential barriers to progress.

The Role of an Assistant Director
Assistant Directors are leads of different committees on a topic of their expertise, in this case, project monitoring. The Assistant Director will learn the needs of the different committees and help construct a vision for the Project Monitoring Committee. The Assistant Directors' responsibility is to be responsive to the members of their committee and to communicate with the Associate Directors to further the PSA's mission. This position requires the investment of a small amount of time most weeks and relatively frequent communication with their committee and the Associate Directors via email, slack, and , from time-to-time, video conference calls. The Associate Directors (currently Charlie Ebersole, Heather Urry, Hans IJzerman, Felix Cheung, and Dana Basnight Brown) work alongside the Director (currently Chris Chartier) to manage the day-to-day activities of the PSA and make longer-term policy decisions based on the visions developed by the Assistant Directors.

The Application
If you wish to apply for the role of Assistant Director of Project Monitoring Committee, please provide the information requested below. We standardized the process to make the application procedure as fair as possible.

Before applying, please read about the mission and core principles of the PSA on our website at Please also read the manuscript in which we summarized our policies and how the PSA works, published by Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (; an open-access preprint is available at

If you have questions, please email
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