Emerging Leaders Award - Nomination
Description of Award: The Emerging Leader in Alpha Omega Epsilon Award is offered to graduating seniors (receiving a diploma and becoming an alumna) nominated by their chapter recognizing outstanding contributions to the sorority, community, and profession. Alpha Omega Epsilon prides itself on the leadership abilities of its members, and encourages further development of those skills post-graduation.

Award Selection
Award selections are based on the nominee’s efforts, commitment, accomplishments and impact.
This form must be completed and submitted before the deadline.
Nominations are evaluated by the Board. The decision of the Board is final.
Nominees are recognized at Convention.

Self-nominations are permissible.
Nomination submission requirements must be met.
Nominee must have graduated within the academic year immediately prior to the Convention in which she could receive the award. (Fall and Spring graduates are eligible.)
Nominees must be alumna-active status at time of receiving the award.
Only the first 250 words of each question will be reviewed.

ALL nominations must be made through the Director of Chapter Services, iebicr@alphaomegaepsilon.org.
The submission deadline is May 15th.
Late submissions are not eligible.

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